Situating your brand within the power of the local


what we can do for you

We help companies and organizations facilitate physical experiences of place, whether that be inside a museum, the urban environment around a hotel, or the city of a destination wedding or conference.

The studio will help you strategize on wayfinding in the broadest sense, beginning with what it means for customers to find their way in your context. We offer something beyond as-the-crow-flies navigation (if your main concern is getting people to the right place via the most efficient route, we’d be the first to recommend Google Maps). Instead, what we deliver is a deeper engagement and tailored experience of place.

The possibilities with maps are expansive and powerful, whether they be held in your hand, displayed on your phone, presented in the environment, or conveyed as a mental model in the mind.

Whatever the form across print and digital realms, our maps convey a story: that of your brand, your lifestyle values, and the personality of your users. Our purpose is to generate anticipation and excitement around the journey as much as the arrival.


scalable & flexible

Your bespoke map can be thematic, highlighting the local architectural, literary, cocktail, or coffee landscape. It can encompass the floor plan of a building, a block, a neighborhood, or an entire city. It can be integrated into an invitation suite or shine as a stand-alone piece; be an illustrative landscape or a minimal directory set in beautiful type. The curation of content may be realized by your own staff of local experts or researched by the studio.



if you were wondering...

We occasionally take on other design project besides maps. Please contact us and explain your idea!